The history of Zementov family


The circus history of Zementov’s family began at 30th of 20th century. Dmitry Zementov (3.5.1908 - 14.6.1966), the gymnast. In 1928 he debuted with the act “Air horizontal bar” pseudonym “Torneo”. In 1930 in Leningrad studio of circus art he prepared a group act with special apparatus consist of 4 horizontal bars and trampoline. (2 central horizontal bars 5 m height + 2 lateral high bars 4 m height), later he participated in this act like a comic-simpleton. In a Soviet circus, Dmitry was a well known person: professional air gymnast -catcher, great barrist, the manager of “Torneo” team, constructor of circus apparatuses. In his act “Air carousel” took a part such circus stars like P.Chernega and S.Razumov. He developed an attraction “Chases in the air” with two torpedo apparatuses. He worked without safety cord and nets, shown very complicated figures of air gymnastic tricks. Look at some photos of that period:

Zementov D. at wire, downward, you can see well known clown Karandash The group of barrists 'Torneo' Some part of act The poster of Soviet State Circus Zementovs

Eduard (11.1.1936 - 2009), the son of Dmitry, from his youth took a part in father’s show like a pupil. Then he got lessons from popular illuzionist M.Marches, manager of Byelorussian team A. Novozhilov (pseudonym “Shag”), and other professional artist. He was a member of Soviet Army acrobats team. For a long time Eduard worked in Kiev circus like air gymnast, acrobat-eccentric and circus clown. His partners were: his brother, Dmitry, A. Matiunenko and his wife Valentina Zementova. After retirement he become a head of circus studio Rostok.

Eduard Zementov Eduard and Valentina Zementovs in the air Eduard Zementov repeat his role Eduard and Valentina Zementovs at the stage Eduard and Valentina Zementovs on the circus arena Eduard Zementov and A. Matiunenko Eduard Zementov and A. Matiunenko Eduard and Valentina Zementovs at the stage

Vladimir Zementov (born in 16.5.1966), the son of Eduard, debuted in the circus 10 years old in a Moscow State Circus. In 1981 he entered Moscow State Circus school and learned disciplines tightrope walking, acrobatic, cycling and clownery. Starts from 1992 Vladimir is a manager and artist in an eсcentrical act “Acrobats at giant bicycle”. Together with the second act “Jumping rope” he visited many circuses all around the world (see CV and Contacts).

Vladimir Zementov and his degree work 'Funny cowboy'

The basis of all acts of artists include acrobatic, clownery and eccentics, the last of that the most difficult from circus genres.

All of us were children and the most interesting for us were cartoons. Till now we remember names of our favorite heroes, their funny jokes and absolutely incredible tricks which they done at the screen. All of these you can find in acts of artists.

The audience return for many years back to their childhood and forget all actual problems: laugh and clap, make grimaces trying to copy the face of clown, wondering and screaming in a dangerous situations, following to dizzy cascade of tricks during each act of artists.

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