Curriculum Vitae and Contacts


We present you our “ Giant bicycle “ act, that features acrobatics and comedy. And also the “ Jumping – rope “ act. All of the performers in the acts are the Masters of Sport in Gymnastics and Acrobatics and have completed the Moscow Circus School.

Indeed, when the troupe unrolls its flips, falls and leaps from the bulky bike, the effect is that of an intricate cartoon come to life, an antic ( and animated ) exhibition of true acrobatic virtuosity.

The troupe owes its comedic vision to leader Vladimir Zementov, the third generation performers from Odessa, Ukraine, who, in 1976, at age 10, made his debut playing, of all things, an ant in the Moscow State Circus. In 1981, he entered the State Circus School in Moscow, where he specialized in clowning, cycling and acrobatics.

Our acts were working in:

  • Russia - Moscow State Circus
  • Poland – Circus Wielki
  • Sweden – Circus Scott, 93'
  • Germany – Circus Krone, 94'
  • Holland – Strardust Circus International B.V., 96'
  • Australia with Michael Edgley
  • Japan – Michiteru Azuma, 98'
  • Mexico – Circus Atayde
  • USA – Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey, Sterling & Reid Bros., 01'
  • France with Liliane Doucet
  • Malta
  • Estonia
  • Latvia.
  • China - Happy Kingdom, International Festival, 2008
  • Italy - 26th International Festival, Golden Circus, 2010


If you interested in present features, please contact us:

36-2-14, Butlerova st. 117342, Moscow, Russia,

Tel./Viber/ WhatsApp:
+7 999 900-83-80,
+7 916 350-82-57

Facebook: show.zementov

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you in the future.


Vladimir Zementov


Clown at bicycle
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